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Tracie is the creator of the Student Convert System that is responsible for increasing the revenue of ALL of our clients by over $1M per year.

She spent years working in a service industry that cared more about making money than making people happy. And that didn’t sit well.

After a chance encounter with RTO owner Bruce led to a conversation about how common it is for advertising agencies to overcharge and underdeliver.

Tracie saw an opportunity to apply her sales & marketing skills along with her 20+ years of experience in personal development and communication skills to help Bruce’s RTO massively increase sales by improving and automating the communication his prospects were receiving.

She went home that night and wrote an ad and communication sequence for Bruce. When it launched the next day, leads began pouring in within minutes… But more importantly those leads began converting into course sales that day.

The result…. Bruce’s RTO has grown from $2.8 Million to over $15 Million in revenue per in less than 4 years.

Tracie Parisi

Founder and CEO of Student Convert

Our Team

Tracie Parisi

Founder & CEO

Laura Thornton

Operations Manager

Eden Cox

Social Media Team Lead

David Frost

Business Development Manager

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