Our Team

Simeon Cryer

Co-Founder & CEO

Tracie Parisi

Co-Founder & CEO

David Frost

Director of Business Development

Laura Thornton

Executive Assistant

John Zint Roca

Automation Specialist & Graphic Designer

Michelle Meija

Facebook Ads Manager

Jason Almine

Google & Email Marketing Manager

Imagine Enrolling Students on Autopilot...

We create and automate a strategy for the entire student-acquisition process (not just lead generation).

After capturing the prospective student's interest, our Student Convert Platform maintains contact during their research journey, utilising a variety of touch points from you, so that when they are ready to enrol, you are at the top of their mind, and not another provider.

We’ve Got You Covered

Strategic Consulting

We help you diagnose your marketing and sales process gaps and recommend proven strategies for greater results.

Facebook Marketing

Our team specialise in creating and managing profitable Facebook campaigns for RTOs and Adult Education Providers

Google marketing

Conversion based Google advertising campaigns, specifically designed for RTOs are our superpower.

Automated Lead Nurture

Increase the volume of leads your RTO can handle with our personalised, high-tech and high-touch platform.


Emotionally engaging direct response copy is key to increasing student enquiries.

More conversations equals more enrolments

Website Development

Benefit from high converting, RTO compliant landing pages and websites built for your business and your brand.


Sales Training

Students enquiring but not enrolling? Our expert sales training will help your team convert more students and generate more revenue.

Email Marketing

Conversion, deliverability and direct response - we've got you covered with our proven email marketing expertise.


Here are just some of the results we’ve generated for our clients in the RTO, vocational trainer, and adult education space:

  • Generated $47​​​​4,000 in revenue over 4 months (with a $68k ad spend) AND $900k in the pipeline

  • 85% increase in the number of leads generated, while simultaneously bringing the cost per lead down by 67%

  • Lead response rate went from 10% to between 60-80% ...and conversions quadrupled, resulting in $1.02M in revenue

Success Stories

I had been trying to get a course into high schools for over 4 years and with no success. I even hired some of the “best” (and most expensive) digital marketers in Australia, with ZERO results to show for it.

Student Convert showed me a different approach to marketing for half of what I had paid in the past. They got my RTO into over 50 high schools and generated over $25 Million in increased revenue.

Now they run all our marketing with every course we have on scope. They’ve made a massive difference our business and our lives. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Bruce Bell

Founder & CEO, Skills Generation

From the first meeting, I felt that Student Convert understood me, and they understood my RTO.

The automations are a game-changer for us. Emails, SMS's, automated phone messaging, call recording for staff training, self booking and rescheduling missed appointments and more... it's very cool.

They’ve helped us customise lead follow up for every single course we have, and run email, Facebook and Google marketing campaigns. They are now helping us increase our student numbers by consulting us on our sales process and phone sales.

They are a true strategic partner for us.

Leigh Willson

CEO, MinRes Training Institute

Matt Wade

Alex Huang

Scott Bywater

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